Relationship Astrology Report (for two)

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The Goddess Chakra Relationship Astrology Report uses the birth date, time and location of two people to interpret the qualities (or traits) of their relationship. 

Two Individuals

Each person has an individual birth chart that shows the exact placement of the planets at the moment of their birth. Think of it as a snapshot of the celestial sky the moment you were born. This is calculated for each individual using birth date, time, and location data. 

In Relationship

We can astrologically describe a relationship by layering two individual’s birth charts. Using the geometry created and compared, an astrologer can describe the characteristics and archetypes of the relationship. Some energy flows easily while other energy is more sluggish or difficult. 

A Note

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a perfect match when looking at relationships
through the lens of astrology.

There are things you teach and learn from each other. There is energy that flows with
ease or with restriction or neutrally between two people.

This report will highlight these ideas for you to reflect on and talk about - but
ultimately - you are the sower of your seeds and you know best. Use your free will to grow in love - whatever that may be for you and your relationships.

What you get?

  • each person will receive a digital copy of the report to their email address
  • Included in the report:
    • 5 categories of comparison = Energy, Alchemy, Strengths, Stress, and Summary
    • Each category has an “Ask each other?” section that suggests questions to ask one another to deepen your understanding of one another

How it works?

  • purchase on website
  • someone will follow-up with you via email to get birth info
    • birth date
    • birth time
    • birth location
  • and email addresses for both people so we can email you each a copy of the digital report
    • it takes about a week from the time you submit birth data until you'll receive the report via email so we can personalize it for you

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