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Planets and stars are like chakras in the solar system. 

In a healthy, balanced person, the 7 body chakras are energetically balanced. Balance means providing the right amount and type of energy to every part of the body, mind, and spirit, at the right time. This happens when all the chakras are rotating in clockwise motion at a healthy speed, complimenting one another's journeys. 

Similarly, the planetary and star positions, provide us with an energetic map to the universe. Their way of dancing in orbits around each other and through the constellations - is a way we can understand what energetic balance looks like in the universe.  

When a chakra is out of balance, it calls out for rebalancing. This can show up as an array of physical or mental ailments, whether due to a planetary shift or body chakra imbalance, or a combination of both. 

One way of balancing is by wearing powerful natural materials and talismans that naturally balance the energy in you body, mind, and spirit.

These beautiful planet bracelets are a great inspiration to do just that. Each planet represents a set of archetypal qualities. When wearing the planetary bracelet, you'll be inspired to find balance in that area of your life. Checkout some of the keywords for each of the planets below to find the best balancing bracelet for you to manifest a happy life, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Available in 10 different styles - choose the one that resonates most with you.

Material: Copper and leather with link chain and glass cabochon planet art

A perfect, loving gift for a dear friend's birthday - get the planet that rules their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant - or all 3! 

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery - thanks!*

Choose from these planets/stars in the drop down menu. 

  • Sun - (Leo) rules character, individuality, and honor 
  • Mercury - (Gemini and Virgo) mind, communication, trade, and learning
  • Venus - (Taurus and Libra) beauty, love, and luxury
  • Moon - (Cancer) emotion, intuition, reproduction, and publicity
  • Earth - <3 a cool planet to chill on <3
  • Mars - (Aries) energy, force, action, and desires
  • Jupiter - (Sagittarius) benevolence, expansion, philosophy, and optimism
  • Saturn - (Capricorn) form and organization, boundaries
  • Neptune - (Pisces) psychic faculty, the sea, and mystery
  • Uranus - (Aquarius) inner sight (clairvoyance), surprise, originality, and invention

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