Welcome to Goddess Chakra, fellow Goddesses.

In our pursuit of beautiful, quality & earth-friendly products, our promise to you is that, in collectively contributing to our planet in a positive way, you will always be extremely valued by our loving team of Goddesses.

Goddess Chakra was founded by the inspiration of helping others access their divine Goddess energy within themselves. We are a passionate, dedicated group of young women who travel our beautiful earth in order to find you the best products from various ancient cultures.

We love our products & in turn, we hope you will love them too. Primarily, your love of natural, high vibration products is our business and passion. Our goal is to redefine fashion and aesthetics by discovering the power of your inner goddess energy. Join us in loving ourselves, nurturing ourselves and keeping our planet loving and green for generations to come!

There is a Goddess within you waiting to emerge. She gently whispers to you, urging you to start being, receiving love. It is time to access your divine yoni energy and live a more inspired and spiritually guided life, while enjoying the peace, beauty and synchronicities that come with doing so.

For any questions or inquiries, please send us an email at contact@goddesschakra.com 

In love and light, we thank you for all your support and for making our dream of sharing Goddess Chakra with the planet a reality.