Astrology Birth Chart Reading

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The Astrology Birth Chart Reading includes:

  • a 90-minute astrology reading (phone or video call)
  • a PDF of your birth chart 
  • plus report

Astrology readings help you connect with the ideas of astrology (a.k.a. patterns in your life) in time. Time and circumstances are always changing, so it's important to tune out the chaos and tune into your unique design from time to time. Julie creates the safe space for you to do just that.

Julie, Goddess Chakra's resident astrologer, is an AMAFA certified astrologer. Her philosophy: you are the expert on you! She sees herself as an astro-sherpa, helping you confidently stand in your individuality and navigate through life using the tools and languages she knows and speaks best (a.k.a. astrology and coaching).  

By combining coaching and astrology, during this 60-minute one-on-one session, Julie will take you on a journey of being seen through the lens of astrology while coaching you to apply the ideas to your everyday life. 

Purchase now for appointments in June 2020!

Once paid, you'll receive an email with instructions with a form to fill out and a link to schedule your 60-minute birth chart reading.

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