Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain.

Gua sha is intended to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that practitioners believe may be responsible for inflammation. Rubbing the skin’s surface with healing crystals is thought to help break up this energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

The rose quartz stone meaning is one of unconditional love, helping you to forgive, understand and let go of all that no longer serves you. Rose quartz healing properties will imbue you with the wisdom to deepen your connection with yourself. Associated with the element of water, rose quartz healing properties are naturally fluid. They wash out toxic energies and emotions that you have trapped inside of you.

Skincare experts explain that self-massage using a Gua Sha will improve your skin texture by encouraging the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, granting a beautiful, bright visible glow after as little as one use.

With various Gua Sha shapes to choose from, you can choose the tool that is best sorted for your needs.

Material: Natural Rose Quartz

A perfect, loving gift for a friend!

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