Jade Roller

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Perfect your beauty routine with this beautiful tool that has stood the test of time, the facial massager Jade Roller! Chinese women have used Jade Rollers to protect their beauty and promote youthful skin since the 12th Century. In the past, only the richest and most powerful women of their time were able to possess such a prized treasure. Today we can all benefit from the simple, yet effective treatment. 


Jade facial rollers integrate natural healing energy from the stone, while the coolness promotes blood circulation, reduces puffiness, wrinkling, acne and more. Semiprecious Jade has a soothing healing energy and purifies your energy field in a very loving and wise way. 

Skincare experts explain that self-massage using a jade roller will improve your skin texture by encouraging the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, granting a beautiful, bright visible glow after as little as one use.

A perfect, loving gift for a friend!
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