Crystal Wand Pipes

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  • Prices range from $32.40 to $46.50, depending on the crystal type. 

Product Information:

Each of our handmade crystal pipes are one of a kind and unique. Crafted from natural crystals and minerals, these beautiful pipes are filled with love and positive energy. The unique design allows our pipes to hit extremely smooth.

Crystal pipes are much more durable than glass and are 100% natural. Our crystal pipes also cool off much faster than glass, last much longer and are way easier to clean. 

Pick from: 

  • Rose Quartz for peacefulness and calm in relationships. Eases stress and tension. Helps with sleep. Enhances heart chakra.
  • Labradorite for understanding and aura protection. Keeping the aura clear and balanced will help you to feel more energetic and in tune with yourself.
  • Obsidian for spiritual protection. Helps bring understanding and the ability to face fears and learn. 
  • Aventurine for balancing erratic emotions. 
  • Tigers Eye for protection, good luck, and abundance while promoting harmony and balance in conflict. Associated w/the lower chakras.
  • Any type of Quartz will aid in healing by clearing negativity and bringing balance to mind and soul. 
  • Lapis Lazuli for revealing inner truth and honesty. Stone of friendship. Great for communication and enhancing memory. Enhances throat chakra.
  • Fluorite varieties for improving creativity, clarity of thoughts and decision making. Unifies the third eye chakra, heart chakra, and crown chakra.
  • Amethyst varieties for inner peace, wisdom seeking, and enhancing intuition. Enhances third eye chakra.
  • The stainless steel screen is removable to easily clean.
  • Each of our crystal pipes can be cleaned just like a glass pipe, alcohol and salt works best.


  • Length: 85-110mm 
  • Width: 25-35mm 

A perfect loving gift for a dear friend - or yourself! These really make you feel connected to mother earth!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery due to high demand for this product. Thanks.

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