Astrological Dice (3pc)

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This astrology dice set is made of 3 unique and artistically crafted polyhedral dice. 

Each die represents one of the following basic ideas in astrology:

  • Zodiac signs (green)
  • Planets (blue)
  • House Numbers (purple)

Ancient astrologers described these three base elements of astrology like a play. Imagine the planet is the actor. The zodiac sign is the actor's character to take on and the house number represents the room on the stage, from which the scene is acted out. 

For example, if you roll Aries (zodiac sign), Venus (planet) and the number 3 (house), the student can then describe the Actress Venus - Goddess of Love, putting on the characteristics of Aries - the sign of cardinal fire and action, from the 3rd house on the stage of life - the house of communication, brothers, sisters, and neighbors (think kindred spirits and mental connections). 

Learning astrology? This is a great game to play with friends. Take your chance at giving your description, then have your friends share what else they would add to the astrological interpretation.


  • Qty = 3 pcs
  • Each piece has 9 sides
  • Size is 2x2cm

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