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My work is quite varied, I'm a Yoga teacher, energy healer, tarot reader and have a deep love for all things Vedic, including Ayurveda. So through these pathways, my aim is promote self-worth and deservingness in women because I've come from a place of being held back due to a lack of self-worth and I can see that if we heal this in women as a collective we'll help to heal our environment which is my other great love and cause.


What made you start your business?
It happened really organically, previously I was an exhibiting visual artist working with installation and hand-embroidery, I used my works to attempt to connect or change some emotional awareness in the viewer and as I delved deeper into energy work for myself I realised that this was a much more direct and successful approach to emotional healing. I was working full-time in the creative field managing studios and working as a stylist, healing each evening and weekends, luckily I lost my job (I was absolutely miserable but my ego was addicted to the paycheque) and this pushed me organically again to focus solely on this my purpose. Interestingly this all happened within the confines of my Saturn Return - so grandfather Saturn (I'm a Cappy-Taurean) was forcing me to get on the path toward my dharma.

What is something others wouldn't know about your business that you think they should?
Oh! That it's all me - that from instagram posts to website design to events, yoga sequencing - everything is just me and therefore it's coming from a completely authentic and true place. What you see is what you get, and if you're not sure what you're seeing just reach out and ask.

What has been the most challenging thing you have uncovered since the beginning?
Stepping into my role as a Yoga teacher - I've been practising for 19 years and never imagined that I'd be teaching, I've had to work through a lot of self-worth issues, deserving issues and body image issues too to step into this space. It's still something I'm working on but I hope that those who come to practice with me appreciate the truthfulness (Satya) that I offer in my openness as a teacher.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?
Via Citizen Cacao - stop looking at what anyone else is doing - mute, block, delete, whatever you need to do make this work, your brand and identity your own with no distractions.

One tip you'd give to others who are wanting to start their own business or follow their heart?
You have to get to a place of trusting deeply in your own deservingness, into your ability to fulfill your dreams - I suggest Vedic meditation, twice daily, non-negotiable.

Where do you envision for your business in the future?
There is an ultimate dream of a healing centre in my grandmother land of Portugal, in the closer years I'd like to be healing and working further up the East Coast of Australia and getting to live closer to and heal within nature. For now I'm building my work as a Yoga teacher so that I can share this method for connection that I've loved for so long.

What or who inspires you to do what you do on a daily basis?
Yogaruper Rod Stryker and Donna Farhi in the Yogic realm, anything Ayurveda - especially David Frawley, Maya Tiwari and Vasant Lad. But also just slowing down and including ritual into my day - I have little glass crystals hanging over each window in my home and when the sunlight filters through my place is coated in tiny rainbows - it's easy, simple things like this that remind me that I am living magic.

Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?
Yes I do, my I'm also quite strict in terms of my Ayurvedic lifestyle - while this is my routine I don't necessarily expect most people to live this way, I also schedule my clients so that I start work at 11am each day to get all of this done. I wake, tongue scrape, wash my face etc, feed my kitten, water our small herb and flower garden singing mantra to the plants, then come back to bed to meditate, I'll then pop in my yoni egg, do a oil massage focusing on marma points and paying xtra attention to face, yoni and breasts, usually while oil pulling. I'll then make a tonic with all the good things like shatavari, amalaki, maca, reishi, chaga and ghee, usually I'll get set up for sessions by making us an infusion of nettle, raspberry leaf and marshwallow root, maybe check some emails. Then I'll get in the bathroom, remove and clean my yoni egg, perform garshana (dry brushing), abhyanga with warmed medicated oil, take nasya and then sit usually checking in on instagram while letting my oil sink in. Then I wash it off and start my day, ideally this routine would include a personal yoga practice and a walk around the botanical gardens but I don't always get to squeeze that in and it might come in the afternoon or evening instead.

One book everyone should read? Why?
The Four Desires by Rod Stryker - because you can't go on living your life on autopilot.

Are there any others Movers & Shakers out there in your world that you think people should know about? Perhaps any Instagram accounts and/or blogs you are loving right now?
Of course I love @plantascompass and @pukai for healing inspiration, I've been practicing from @katiesilcox_shatkischool recently and if you're interested in astrology @golden_nature is your girl.


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