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Sophie is a storyteller in the many shapes and forms that mold from her passions. She is inspired by her travels, the wilderness, and the senses. The first cocoon of storytelling came through her photos as she would weave together these elaborate tales through imagery. As her world began to expand and her feet took her places deeper into the unknown her experiences became stories. Words found rhythm and took shape.
What made you start Seed of Remembrance?
Seed of Remembrance emerged through one of my biggest life transitions, moving from California to Byron Bay, Australia. It felt as if my whole world was shifting as I knew it and that is when I began to remember my true self and the tools that aided me in that threshold. Seed of Remembrance became my journal where I shared my inmate seeds, wisdoms, and inspirations that helped me remember my wisdom within. I began writing daily and that was the practice that spoke to my soul. I wanted to create a platform where I could share these words and teachings with my community and with that Seed of Remembrance had emerged. 

What is something others wouldn't know about Seed of Remembrance that you think they should?
We each have our own seeds of remembrance within each of us and the journey reveals the seeds awaiting their germination! Similar to the Hero's Journey, we each go through these rights of passages in life that strips us of a world we had once known and heralds us into new territory leaving us with our own inner guidance to call upon and rediscover our own selves. Seeds when used as the metaphor for tools is like a medicine bag within each one of us just awaiting its time to assist. Even though Seed of Remembrance began as a way to share my own personal story, my intention is to inspire others to discover their own medicine bag within themselves and all that is needed is the willingness to remember it is already within. 

What has been the most challenging thing you have uncovered since the beginning?
I find one of the most challenging things for me is persistence and patience. When I begin projects, I have so much energy, momentum, and drive to birth these visions and the part where I feel I distance my self and loose this is when everything has launched and is brought to the external world. So everything from following up on weekly blogposts, emails, content, workshops can feel difficult to keep on top of. One thing I am really working on is being able to sustain my creative projects and not just quickly go from one creative idea to the next. This is a daily reminder to have patience and really fine tune the things I am creating and give them space to become what they need to be and not rush the process. 

Best piece of advice you have ever received?
Remember to breath! It sounds so simple but this is something I do continuously struggle with. I find myself holding my breath through out the day, breathing really shallow, and feeling very ungrounded. Also when I am feeling really difficult feelings when I pause and take a big breath in through my belly I feel more capable to hold myself in any situation. It really is the power of breath that helps me get through anything I am processing. If I am feeling deep anger, before reacting I try to catch myself and remind myself to breathe before I enter into a situation not being conscious of my words. The breath really brings me back into my body and settles my spirit. 

One tip you'd give to others who are wanting to start their own business or follow their heart?
Just begin, have faith in yourself and know that you are so worth every gift you bring to this world. Fill up space with your creative essence, your experiences, stories, and unique expressions, the world is asking for more of this! Visualise, dream, draw, write your deepest desires and goals out and each day carve out one hour dedicated to putting your heart and soul into making it blossom. 

Where do you envision Seed of Remembrance in the future?
I envision a book, full of stories, imagery, words that portray my journal and other peoples stories. I aspire to hold my workshops globally, sharing my tools that have helped me on my journey to those around the world. A platform of influence and inspiration for community and like minded people! I can sense and feel 

What or who inspires you to do what you do on a daily basis?
I find that I go through waves of being externally inspired by those who are going after it and following their heart as well as my inner self that speaks to me through subtle moments through the day and those can be small but mighty moments of inspiration.

Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?
Having a morning routine, or a book ends to my days is so essential. That being said I am not always diligent but when I get into the flow of this routine I feel very much attuned and able to hold myself for the day and a different way. I love beginning my day lighting a candle and sitting on my favourite cushion to breath for a few minutes and then I let my mind relax and meditate for a few minutes. After those moments in silence I like to journal, wether it be writing my mantra for the day, gratitudes, or a poem! I just let the words flow. Other days I like to read a page out of an inspiring book or even pull a card from my favourite tarot deck. I like to keep my mornings simple as I love to move my body right when I awake. 

One book everyone should read? Why?
I have recently been inspired by the book WomanCode by Alisa Vitti. Every woman should have a copy of this book as it has so many golden gems about connecting with your cycle and how to fall in love with your hormones! She goes in depth about the phases we go through and how to eat, exercise, play, and plan according to which part of our cycle we are in. I can't recommend it enough! It has helped me through a lot and I am now inspired to cook in new ways according to my cycle!

Are there any others Movers & Shakers out there in your world that you think people should know about?
Jane Hardwick Collings is one of my most inspiring teachers, a woman of all trades! She is the founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft in Australia and is dreaming big! I highly recommend reading her books and joining along in any way you can! I am also vey much inspired by my friends of the Hemp Temple, Anna, Brittany, and Izzy! They have created their own business and are powerhouses serving the community with much more than the amazing threads they are creating! 



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